Making Energy Visible

Maevi Energy Meter 1 Phase

Maevi Energy Meter

Eyes To See The Invisible

Installed at your Electric Distribution Panel, Maevi Energy Meter helps you to monitor the whole electrical consumption using smartphone, and detects if there is any unusual electrical activities so that you can effectively patch it-on.

Available for: 

Maevi Smart Plug

Maevi Smart Plug

Close Monitoring

If you would like to know the exact consumption of your specific appliances, Maevi Smart Plug can help you to do just that, just plug-in and see how much that device is silently consuming your electricity.

Real Time Energy Monitoring

Know your electricity usage and bill at any point of time, wherever you are.

Smart Assistant

Keep yourself informed and reminded of your usage to make sure you are not exceeding your monthly budget.


A powerful tool that gives you deeper insights on your electricity usage.

Close Monitoring

Enables you to monitor the electrical consumption trend of specific appliances

Control & Automate

Easily control your appliances remotely using the app. You can even set them to turn on or off at your desired time automatically!

Range Extender

Extend your Gateway coverage

Energy Meter

Maevi Energy Meter 1 Phase

Energy Meter - 1 Phase

Maevi Energy Meter 3 Phase

Energy Meter - 3 Phase