Most frequent questions and answers

Download Maevi App from either Google Play Store or Apple App Store.  You must have a Maevi Hub and any Maevi smart device before you can start to setup and use Maevi system. You may follow the step by step setup guide in the Maevi app to get the system ready.

Open Maevi application and click Sign Up. Verification code will be send to your email for account activation.

No, you need to have at minimum one Maevi Hub and one Maevi Smart Device such as Smart Plug or Energy Meter.

No, the Maevi Hub require needs the internet to send data to your mobile device

No, Maevi is only available on mobile Application, on any mobile device

No monthly fees.

30m Indoor and 100m outdoor. However, in some condition the coverage may be less than 30m due to possible blockage by door or wall. A Range Extender or Smart plug can be used to extend the range coverage.

Maevi devices are plug and play devices which are simple and easy to be setup. You may refer to the User Manual provided in each Maevi device box and the step by step guide in the mobile app to setup. User guide are also available in Maevi website. However, for Energy Meter, please get a competent electrician to help connect the device into your home distribution board or to any relevant point.

Solid Blue – search for devices to connect or pair with it.
Blinking Orange – Lost connection to the internet.
Blinking Blue – Connected to the internet.
Blinking Purple – Not yet configured / After reset the Hub.
Solid Purple – The Hub is initializing.

Blinking – Not connected to the Hub.
Solid – Connected to the Hub.
Red – Turn OFF.
Green – Turn ON.

Solid Green – in network / connected to Hub.
Slow Blinking Green – not in network / after reset.

Yes, you can. As long as your phone and hub are connected to the internet.

Connection between Hub and all Smart Devices will be disconnected. You need to reconfigure the Hub, reset all Smart Devices and reconnect with the Hub.

12 months warranty for all manufacturer’s defect issues.

No, only Maevi smart devices can be connected to Maevi Hub.

Yes, but technical support and warranty may not be covered/available as if the usage is in Malaysia. In some countries where Maevi may be available from local distributors, you are adviced to purchased locally for ease of support.

No. Products sold are non-refundable. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page.

However, you can contact us here for any problems regarding our products.