Home Automation Increases Property Value

There are many ways you can increase your property value. Among them are simply applying a fresh coat of pain with suitable colors.

But now in this exciting new age, there are one more areas that can significantly increase your property value, that is through equipping your house with a home automation system.

What is the benefit of home automation?

Home automation is a general term describing any device that can be connected via network thus are able to be controlled remotely. They all share common goals:

  • They make your life easier.
  • They help you save money especially on utility bills
  • They can give you assurance of security

With home automation installed on your property, you can stay connected to your home no matter where you are. You can control lights, locks, security cameras or sensors from the convenience of your smartphones.

How Home Automation Increase Property Value

By 2020, it is expected that more than 30 billion devices will be connected to the IoT (internet of things -where every device is connected via internet).

90 percent of respondents in a survey put home and family security as the top reason why they would install a home automation system in their house. A home security system can deter burglars and it is an essential system to have for your family.

These are some other reasons why a smart home system is important to home buyers:

  • Safety is the highest motivating factor
  • Nearly 68 percent of homeowners expect the system will help increase energy efficiency
  • Millenials desire smart home to make their lives more convenient
  • Gen Xers are looking for a more comfortable environment with smart technology
  • Baby Boomers uses smart tech to add value to their homes
  • 45 percent of homeowners save money from home automation
  • Elderlies over the age of 60 own more smart home technology than the millennial demographic (15 and 10 percent, respectively).

How to begin with Smart Home?

First, homeowners need to understand that home automation serves several objectives. It may make your life more convenient, improve energy efficiency, assist and assure security and other objectives. So, the first thing needed to be considered is why have a smart home system? What is the main objective?

It is also wise to consider how far are you going to go with smart home products before you start automating your home. This would save you money and headaches if in order to expand later you would need to discard incompatible products.

There are many home automation products on the market. Cheaper products may get the job done in the short term, but higher quality products, and likely more expensive one will offer greater rewards in the long term. Due to this, homeowners need to carefully balance the cost and benefits of the smart home product options.

These are several home automation features that you can consider for your home.

1. Security Camera – to view and monitor remotely
2. Security Sensors – to detect break-ins
3. Energy Meter – to be able to see your electric consumption
4. Smart Plugs – to be able to control appliances connected to the plug.

Smart Home technology is a solid investment. Having these system integrated with your home would increase your property value significantly. Homeowners see decreased maintenance cost and home insurance premiums. Home sellers can sell their homes at higher prices. And a smart home is a great value-added proposition for home buyers.

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