Home Automation Myth

If home automation is a strange concept to you, then you are not alone. Many of us think that this is just a new technology that hasn’t been really understood yet.

There are certain myths that have been circulating around the concept of home automation. In this information age, we just can’t be certain if the news about something is a fact or just a myth.

Here are some of that news about home automation that is not entirely true for you to consider.

#1. Home Automation is too expensive

Home automation is, in fact, very affordable if you start small. Go with one or a few rooms or you can also choose to concentrate on specific features of home automation such as security or automating your appliances.

We highly recommend you to get a hang of our smart home solution by having first the ability to monitor your electric consumption in real-time by installing Maevi’s Energy Meter. We hope this will help you be aware of your electric consumption and triggered necessary action to improve your energy consumption.

Technology nowadays is improving at an exponential rate. There are a lot of smart home solution players. And that is good news for you, the consumer. Prices are competitive while the quality is high.

Most importantly, you must view automating your home as an investment that adds a lot of value to your lifestyle and also your property.


#2. Installation is a hassle and too much work

Gone are the days of wires!

The smart homes of today’s rely on a wireless network connection. As long as you have one, then many of your smart devices can already start communicating with each other. There is no need for a sledgehammer or a wire crimping tool to redecorate your perfected interior designs.

At Maevi we aim to provide you with a solution that you can do-it-yourself. Except of course if the installation may presents harm to you. Thus, we bring you products with little to no installation needed. The only thing you need to do is add them to Maevi free mobile app.


#3. Home automation is rocket science -too complicated and intimidating

This is also in the past.

Home automation of today is mainly controlled by an app on your smartphones. Maevi has taken user experience as the most important part of making its smart home solution. We’re constantly improving our app to make it more convenient and intuitive for you to use. If you can operate a smartphone, we believe you can operate your Maevi smart home controller like a champion.

If you still have trouble, we intend to publish video guides to help you out. So, just keep in touch. Let us know your problem, we would probably make a video about it.


#4. All these smart home thingies are just gimmick

What was once a good science fiction, are now a reality.

We do have devices that can sense the presence of a person and behave accordingly, that is, switch on as needed and shuts down when there are no users around. These have proved to be a great energy savings initiatives.

If you searched the internet, you will find many cases of how smart home security devices helped deterred home invasion. You can also have a peace of mind knowing you can at any time monitor your loved ones at home via your smartphone. That is a great addition to your quality of life.


#5. You pay for what you don’t need

This might be true with some providers, but not all are the same.

At Maevi, we packaged together different starter-kits for your convenience. If you do not know where to start, then these starter-kits might be a great starting point.

But you can always buy what you need as when you need them as loose add-on components. This, in turn, will help you grow your smart home solution at a pace that you are comfortable with.

#6. Smart Homes are a waste of money

True, if you are having features that you do not use!

As we have said in previous myth, you can choose a smart home features that you know will benefit you. If security is your main concern, then take a look at our security devices. And if you’re thinking about saving money, then perhaps you should take a closer look at our home automation devices and energy monitoring solution.

The good thing about home automation devices is that you can put them on schedule. As when they are on schedule, you don’t need to remember to switch them off every time, every day. Eliminating forgetfulness in these cases will definitely save you money. Even if you do not have a device on schedule, you can check their status from your office or anywhere in the world, and switch them off or on.

Through our Energy Monitoring product, you can visually see your electric consumption in real-time. You do not have to wait for your monthly bill to realize you have been consuming electric more than you should. If there are anomalies, then you can straight away take necessary action to investigate and further rectify your access of use. This is another feature for your advantage to save money.

To wrap up; some of the said myth is probably a myth as when they were first conceived. But today, with the advancement of technology and the rapid growth of Home Automation industry, many breakthrough products have been put to the market. Some of the myth is not relevant anymore.

But of course, you need to be well informed of the features you’re trying to get for your home. Some great idea may not be ready for commercial use but were released anyway before its time. Just make sure you do your own research.

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