Always Close To Your Home, No Matter Where You Roam

Maevi Indoor IP Camera

Maevi Indoor IP Camera

Always Keep An Eye Aware

Wanted to see how your kids are doing or missing your spouse? Just have a glance through your smartphone as this camera is accessible 24/7 for you to be close to your family.

Maevi Outdoor IP Camera

Maevi Outdoor IP Camera

Surround Assurance

Keep a keen surveilance on your home surrounding for any suspicious activity, even from your office.

Verify, check on areas which would normaly be your blind-spot simply through a smartphone.

Maevi Door Window Sensor

Maevi Door / Window Sensor

Tucked In Tight

You can sleep tight knowing all your doors and window are securely shut. The door sensor will be triggered whenever the door (or window) are pried open sending you prompt alert.
Maevi Motion Sensor

Maevi Motion Sensor


Place this Motion Sensor at places that are hidden and hard to watch over like the roof entrance of your house. Knowing you have placed a silent guard on watch 24 hours a day and will inform you as soon as anything triggered it will certainly gives you a peace of mind.
Maevi Smoke Detector

Maevi Smoke Sensor

Smoke Guardian

Accidents can happen at any time. Having a smoke sensor with inbuilt alarm in your home will give you a heads up should any unwanted “smokey situation” happens, especially when you’re sound asleep at night.

Maevi Gas Detector

Maevi Gas Sensor

Sniffing Sentinel

Gas Sensor measures invisible and sometimes odorless gasses before it is too late for you to realize that is is harmful for you.
Maevi Panic Button

Maevi Panic Button

Help Button

A potent deterring switch that you can carry with you anywhere in your home will trigger a loud siren which would come handy as when you noticed intrusion in progress (by using Motion Sensor or Door/Window Sensor. 

Even if you’re being surprised by unwanted guest, a button this small will certainly return a shocking scare to your “guest” in hope they will immediately abandon an already failed attempt.

Maevi Siren

Attention Seeker

Made to scream at 85db, this siren is loud enough to even wake your neighbours from their night slumber. All you need is attention. And this Siren delivers.

Attention is also what is not wanted in home invasion.

Remote Access

Access to your home from anywhere in the world. Your home now is truly near no matter where you roam.

24/7 Monitoring

Your personal security installment that never sleep and always alert. A peace of mind you deserve.

Prompt Alert

Rest assured if anything goes wrong it will be promptly alerted on your smartphone.

Maevi Home Automation Pack

Starter Package