Is your home smart?


Once, a ‘smart home’ sounded more like a futuristic science fiction rather than reality. With today’s technology, that future has finally arrived and it is no longer a science fiction rather a science advanced creative innovations. Technology that was initially used as a building management system is now used to automate and make your home smarter.

Is your home smart?

What does that mean?

A smart home in its basic principle run on top “this thing” called the Internet of Things —that is, devices that are connected to the internet with the ability to communicate to each other. These devices help you to automate your daily routine on a schedule, let you control their basic functions from anywhere with an internet connection or even having live data like videos streamed directly to your smartphones.

Maevi is one of the leading smart home/home automation industry players in Malaysia. There are 3 main areas where Maevi products focus on.

Energy Efficiency

The main goal that gives birth to Maevi range of products is the core objective to help our customers live an energy efficient lifestyle. To do so, the main thing that you need is a way to be able to see your energy consumption.

That is why we came up with Maevi Smart Meter, which will give you live data streaming to your smartphones informing you about your energy consumption. Though the free app that you installed on your phone you can see analytics about your energy consumption. Thereon, you may take necessary action to control your energy usage.

Home Security

Through Maevi’s Home Security range of products, we’re giving you options to secure your homes with sensors that once triggered will give you alert no matter where you are so that you can be vigilant of what’s happening at your house. Surveillance cameras can also be added to your smart home solutions so that you can directly open up your “eyes at home” and see what is actually going on.

There are simply days when you just rushed out the door without double checking on things like the lights or the back door and feeling restless about it all day. With all these security devices in place, your quality of life can improve, bringing you peace of mind and letting you focus more on what is important.

Home Automation

Apart from energy savings and security, Maevi smart home solution also offers you products that would make your life simpler and easier. For instance, Maevi Smart Plug will let you remotely switch it on or off via your smartphones. And with more home automation product coming, you can rest assured you are going to have a lot of choices on simplifying your daily chores through our specifically developed software to control your smart home devices.


For now, these are the three major areas of smart home automation that we are looking into. We have an exciting roadmap coming to you in the near future. So please subscribe to know more about new product and promotions.


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