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Real Time Energy Monitoring

See what you're using

You can see your electric consumption in Real-Time. You can anticipate how much you are going to be billed. Therefore you can take action early on saving.

Compare Consumption Trends

Understand Usage

If you’re curious about where all those energy that you pay each month go to, the app will show you visually energy apportion. From there you can compare usage trend so that you understand thoroughly your energy use.

Monitor Appliance Consumption

Get Close & Personal

If knowing about usage in general are not enough, you can start monitor specific appliances more closely and really know how much each one is contributing to the overall consumption.

Automate Your Appliances

Set On Schedule

Among the steps to reduce energy usage thus lowering your bills, is to put you appliances on automation. Eliminate forgetfulness that are costing you and free youself to do more meaningful things.

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For Android

You will need Maevi Gateway to be able to configure Maevi App