Making Your Home Smart

Smart Home is no longer some kind of The “Jetson”-esque fancy science-fiction. If you still think like that, then you really need to upgrade your understanding. Smart home devices are so prevalent today you might already have one but not knowing it. Smart home technology allows you to manage appliances and devices in your house efficiently, even when you’re not there.

Some of these devices can work together as a suite of products to complete certain tasks more efficiently and with ease.

If you do not know where to start, no worries!

Here are a few steps that you can take to get your home working in a whole new way, so you can have more time to do more important things and enjoy life.

Smart Plugs

Perhaps one of the most beneficial thing about getting a smart plug installed in your home is that you can cut back on that dreadful nagging feeling of “did I forget to turn that _______________ off?”. Smart Plugs will fit into your original electric outlet and it is connected to a gateway via Wi-fi. This gateway then “dials” to the internet where a dedicated app installed in your smartphone will be readily available for you to switch it on or off.

With this ability, you can switch the smart plug on even when you’re away on vacation. A good system will enable you to create a schedule for your smart plug so that you can have a certain light which is plugged into your smart plug to switch on at a certain time of the day and off at another time every day while you’re away for work the whole week.

Wireless Sensors

Sensors can give you peace of mind as when you’re sleeping at night or while you’re away from home. Motion sensors can be put in places like the front or back door to detect motion and give you alert as when a motion is detected. The same with proximity sensors which can be used at doors and windows to detect it’s closings and openings, right from the app. This way you can easily make sure things are safe and sound where you can’t directly see them. And you can put off that constant need for assurance knowing that you’ll get an alert if something happened.

They can also help you manage appliances, for example, detecting a room’s temperature and adjusting it to preset settings. Apart from that, there is some product which can detect water for leakages, smoke for fire and many others.

Sensors for your windows and doors are an easy way to give you peace of mind if you’re gone for the day or even for a long vacation. They also can help you manage your appliances, heat and air with how you live most efficiently. Hive window or door sensors and Hive motion sensors are small, easy to install and connected to the Hive Hub so you can monitor any door or window openings or closings right from the app. You can easily make sure things are safe and sound at home while you’re not there by getting an alert every time a window or door opens. You also can use these handy devices along with other Hive products so that the air conditioning turns off if your windows open, or your lights and appliances turn off the second the door closes in the morning.

Smart Bulbs

Don’t be surprised if light bulbs too have turned smart nowadays (if you haven’t already heard). When you replace your house’s bulbs with a smart bulb, you don’t need to get out of bed or off the couch to turn it off or switch one on. You can do this all from the convenience of an app installed on your smartphones. You can even schedule them to turn on and off at a certain time of the day. Even there are bulbs that can be programmed to turn to a different color to fit the time of day or setting the lighting to a certain mood for different occasion.

There are many more aspects of smart home technology that you can explore. If you are very particular about the temperature of your home, then a smart thermostat is there for you to choose.

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