Energy Monitoring – Promo Pack 1 Phase

RM1,098.00 RM899.00

  • 1x Maevi Gateway
  • 1x Maevi Energy Meter 1 Phase
  • 1x Maevi Smart Plug

Introducing Maevi!

A plug and play smart home solution .

Just plug in all of the device to your normal 3 pin plug, connect to the internet and you are good to go!


By installing this pack, you will be able to :

✅ monitor your total household consumption , in both kWh and RM.
✅ view your energy trends, (IMPORTANT : from the trend, you can take neccassary action to reduce your bill)
✅ track each home appliances electrical consumption (plugged in to smart plug)
✅ On, Off and schedule all appliances connected to smart plug (save energy!)

Lets start taking control of your house electrical consumption!

Package contain :

1. 1 unit Gateway
2. 1 unit Energy Meter (1 phase)
3. 1 unit Smart Plug
​​​​​​​4. 3 unit Current Transformer which can measure up to 63 Amp.