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Keep track unnecessary situation to  protect your home from theft.

Maevi Smart Alarm System not  just a part of your home security system, but also a part of your homes  safety system. In the event of an emergency, or something you need to be notified when you not around.

Did you went out of the house to catch your movie and dinner but forget to switch on the alarm? No problem! Maevi  Smart Siren System arms and disarms itself automatically when you leave  by using our apps provided

Maevi Smart Siren is ready for anything. Wherever you are, in an emergency you can trigger it remotely via your smartphone apps

Add the Maevi Indoor Camera with  Maevi Smart Siren for a complete security system that protects your home. The Siren will  works with the Indoor Camera if anything suspension happen to your home

Product features

  • Synchronized with various ZigBee Security Sensors
  • High decibel sound and flash alarm
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Able to On/Off the Siren
  • Will notify when the alarm triggered
  • View the Siren status History