Smoke Detector

RM129.00 RM90.30


Smoke Detector

RM129.00 RM90.30


Fires are always alarming, even terrifying they kill people and ruin families with their destruction. Smoke detectors are automated sentries, able to detect smoke in real time.

It is critical that we enhance fire safety awareness and use firefighting equipment intelligently to minimize losses and damages.

When a fire starts and the alarm is set off, the Maevi Smoke Detector sends real-time smoke alerts direct to your smartphone. This way you can take action even when you’re away from home.

Product  features

  • Detect Smoke and give notification alert to the user through apps and in future it also can trigger siren.
  • Will get a notification when it senses smoke maybe due to fire or smoking.
  • Able to on/off the alarm
  • View the Sensor’s status History
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