Protect Your Home with Smart Appliances

TECHNOLOGY, which is constantly advancing at a rapid pace, has changed the way people live their lives.

For many, it has become simpler, thanks to devices and appliances that help us save time and which offer convenience.

One of the technologies which are getting popular nowadays is “Smart Appliances” where it can add value to your life by releasing you from your mundane daily tasks through automation and at the same time saves you money, energy, and some of them can also be set up to secure your home.

What Is Smart Appliances

A smart appliance is a smart electronic device, generally connects to your smartphone, tablet or computer to give you more information about it and the ability to control them remotely.

Your smart appliance can also send you alerts, for example, you will receive alerts when someone is opening your door/windows without your presence once you put it on armed mode.

Maevi Home Security

There is a device in Maevi line of smart-home security products which are called a Door / Window Sensor. This device is placed at openings like doors or windows. Whenever they are parted or opened, it sends a signal or an alert to your smartphone informing you that the opening where you placed the sensor is opened.

This enables you to have instant notification of what is happening at your home and should you find it important, you can check on the condition immediately.

This device is very important when you are traveling or leaving your home every day for work as you will get to know if there are unwanted guest and activities happening at your home.

With this device in place, you may leave your home assured that you have secured it with necessary precaution and you are able to do something if something happens when it happens.

It also serves to eliminates your doubt whenever you’re already rushed out and keep having those nagging thought “did I closed that window or not?” you can ascertain that nagging thought by checking the status on your smartphone app.

Other than Door / Window Sensor, Maevi also introduces Motion Sensor where this device lets you detect any kind of motion at a place where you are not expecting any motion or movement like on your roof or back door or gate.

When the device detected motion they will trigger you an alert. Since they are relatively small, you can also confidently place this equipment securely where people are not expecting to look.

This is another great addition to your home security devices that will set you at peace leaving your house.

A Step To Be Safe

Since ages, people are trying hard to do their best to protect home & property.

With the current evolving technology, protecting our home and property is no longer arduous tasks.

It is just a matter of our willingness and effort to take a step forward in our life.

If you are ready to make the step, we are here to walk with you and together build a safer home for our families.


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