What is a smart home?

Smart home may mean different thing to different people. The smart home that we’re going to talk about in this article is a residence which is equipped with a number of devices that are connected via the internet and can be controlled to perform or automate certain tasks which are normally handled by humans. Some of these devices are probably built into the structure of the house itself or it may be added later.

Turning a normal house into a smart one can be daunting for some, and to some other, it is a thrilling challenge. A smart home system is either being installed as a complete package or you can choose to add component by component to size up your home automation system.

So, why should I have a smart home?

Now that you know what a smart home is, why should you set up your house with smart or connected home products?

Among the reasons why you should consider turning your house into a smart home is that it has the potential to make your home safer, better energy efficiency and saves you money on the long run, or simply making your life simpler and easier.

1. Energy and money saving

Many people concern over their electricity spending. They often wonder why their bills are such and such each month. Could it be optimized?

Without any measuring tools, you will always be guessing about your electric consumption thus, guessing about what you should do to reduce energy usage.

With Maevi’s smart home products, not only you are able to install devices which will report to you your energy consumption, you can also set your appliances like an air-conditioner and light to automatically switch on and off at a predetermined time. This will give you great savings on energy and money.


2. Security and Safety

A smart home can offer additional security on top of your traditional alarm system. Through smart home, you can be alerted when a sensor is triggered. This could be magnetic sensors where you placed at your door and windows or perhaps a motion sensor which will give you alert every time there’s a motion in the area —if you choose so. There are many other kinds of sensors, for example; smoke sensors, water sensors that can be incorporated for your specific needs.

Whenever you received an alert you can fire up your our smartphone app and watch through the security camera to check what is really happening —that is, if you have the camera installed.

With this technology, safety assurance is not far from your hand (smartphone).

3. Household task automation

A repetitive task can be automated through smart home applications system. You can have a smart robot vacuum cleaner to begin sweeping the floor as you left for work each weekday. Or perhaps, turning on other smart devices to do their task by scheduling them.

As simple as turning on and off devices can be achieved through a smart home system. You no longer need to worry about turning on your porch light if you’re going home late, or having to get up and turn it off if you intend to stay in bed during the holiday. It can all be automated.

Many devices are starting to become smart these days. A refrigerator unit that can order your groceries online as when it runs low, might not be a distant imagination.

4. Making life simpler and easier

Above all those features and benefits that you’ll get from a smart home system, you’ll get the most peace of mind knowing you can automate some certain task and spend the time spared on loved ones. Also, through security cameras will give you added assurance of the safety of your house and your household.

Isn’t that a great improvement in your life?

Your first smart home products

Maevi products cater the basic of a smart home solution. But we are not stopping there, we are constantly adding new products to our solution. Now, if you’re ready to start your investment in a smart home, here are few things that we would like to suggest for you to begin with.

Maevi Gateway: This is the heart of the system. This is the first thing that you need to have in your Maevi Smart Home System. This device act as a gateway for your other smart devices.

Maevi Smart Meter: The smart meter will give you vision over your energy consumption. You can monitor your electricity consumption in real-time. See when in time did your energy usage spiked. And from there on decide purposely on action to be taken to reduce your electric bill and start monitoring again to see if your actions really produce results.

Maevi Smart Plug: Any device that is plugged into this smart plug can be controlled remotely. Also via the mobile app, you can set schedule to on or off the smart plug in a specific time of the day. Maevi’s Smart Plug is also able to report back to the Gateway of that particular Smart Plug electric usage —that is, if you want to know specifically about your electric consumption.

Maevi Mobile App: Don’t forget to download our free app and install. This is your command center. This is where Maevi’s Smart Home happen. A great thing about this is, it’s FREE.


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